aquifer partners

A synergy of actors to a better groundwater management


A complementary consortium

To implement the AQUIFER projects, 9 partners from 3 differents Sudoe countries (Spain, France and Portugal) are working in synergies to fulfill the main objectives of the project :

  • academics for the scientific dimension
  • water users for territorial needs and implementation
  • water clusters to involve also companies and technology centers

The project is leading by the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME)


Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME)

Institute ascribed to the Science and Innovation Ministry. It is the main organism in Spain focused in the Earth research and, particularly, in groundwater hydrology. The IGME headquarters in Murcia are the referent in groundwater studies in the Segura River Catchment Area.


Comunitat d’Usuaris d’Aigüa de la vall baixa i Delta del Llobregat (CUADLL)

Non-profit organization that aims to protect and preserve the aquifers from the low meadow and delta of the Llobregat river. They have experience on aquifer’s surveillance, modelling and recharge.

Asociación Catalana para la Innovación y la internacionalización del sector del agua (CWP)

Non-profit association that encompasses companies and research centres operating in the field of sustainable use of water. It aims to improve the competitiveness of these companies.

Comunidad de Regantes del Campo de Cartagena (CRCC)

Public law organism in charge of the distribution of water for irrigation in the area of Campo de Cartagena. It has competences in the management and distribution of different water sources in the zone.


Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)

Governmental organization. It is one of the main actors in the development of sustainable water management solutions. It studies the functioning of hydrological systems, new resources, impact of climatic change, numerical modelling, and the elaboration of decision-making support instruments related to the management of hydrological resources.



Aqua-Valley is a french cluster that gather a network of 210 members (companies and especially SMEs, research and training organizations, associations) mainly located in the Occitanie and South regions, which have a high concentration of researchers and companies in the water sector.

Aqua-Valley supports the economic development and the competitiviness of the regional water sector in order to meet the health, social, economic and environmental challenges.

The cluster supports its members in market development, innovation, skills consolidation, internationalization, communication and networking/partnership.


Àguas do Ribatejo

Àguas do Ribatejo (AR)

Organization responsible for water supply in 7 municipalities in Portugal. It has experience in the development of Watershed Management Plans along with regional and national authorities.


Instituto Superior de Agronomía (ISA-LEAF)

Education and research institution in the field of Environment. Among its research lines, there are groundwater monitoring, nitrate pollution, water retrieval and mitigation of climatic change.

Associação Parceria Portuguesa para a Água (PPA)

Water entities association. Integrated by public and private companies, education and research institutions, professional associations, and government agencies. It promotes the innovation through cooperation.



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Description and objectives of the project

The scientific community recommends a substantial improvement in the knowledge of aquifers, the establishment of reliable monitoring networks and a greater involvement of the administration and users to achieve a sustainable management of aquifers. The main objective...

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Information on the project

The Llobregat Delta Water Users' Community has designed recharge basins in Molins de Rei to recharge the Baix Llobregat aquifer. View of one of the reloading basins during the test phase The Llobregat Delta Water Users' Community is one of the nine partners in the...

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Success stories in groundwater management

Compilation of groundwater management success stories completed. Throughout April, the 30 cases of innovative practices in groundwater management have already been selected by the clusters participating in the project: PPA, CWP and AV. The task started with the...

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